Career Transition Wisdom #14

Tips From a Successful Landing

The Facts:
60-year-old professional is offered and accepts a new position as Executive Director (a match for his ideal position), in his field, in one of his top-choice organizations, within a 15-minute commute, right around the 6-month mark in his search.

Mindfulness Techniques He Used:

1)  “Something I kept coming back to — sometimes on easy days and sometimes on challenging days — was imagining what I would like to have happen and how I would feel to have it.”

2)  “By the 5th month, I was getting especially impatient and concerned, but what I “heard” (internally, through mindfulness practices) was, “Just wait.” I felt peaceful when I could entertain that notion.

3)  “I would sometimes ‘hear’ ideas about next steps I could take and followed through on many of them. One was to reach out to a company I already had a relationship with. They hadn’t publicized anything yet but a need opened up and I was offered a great job a week later!”

“Please feel free to share my experience with your clients. I’m wishing them luck! Good opportunities are possible!”

I agree, these are some of the keys to successful career transitions:

– Focusing on what you DO want, and FEELING into what it would be like.
– Listen to that “still, small voice” / your “gut” / your intuitive self. It is always guiding you.
– Give yourself enough quiet time and space to be able to hear the inspired ideas that are coming to you, and ACT on them!

In Support,
~ Bonnie