Career Transition Wisdom #13

New Year’s Rituals 

The fresh start of a “new year” can be a natural time to create a new, supportive ritual for yourself. One definition of ritual is: a ceremony or action performed in a customary way.

What are the things you know support you in being your best self?

Here are some research-based activities that have been shown to improve our health, well-being, mental functioning, emotional resiliency, physical fitness, and energy level….not to mention bring a sparkle to our eyes and increase our sense of humor!

– exercise
– eating whole, fresh, unprocessed foods
– meditation
– deep breathing
– laughing
– listening to/reading inspirational words
– hearing good news

As you go through the challenging time of a career transition, which of these are you committed to giving yourself the gift of each day?

One of my favorite motivational quotes is, “small things done on a consistent basis produce big results over time.” Build any of these seemingly little things into your daily habits and notice what improves over the weeks and months.

Here are a couple new resources that friends and clients have been finding helpful to make meditation and yoga easier to fit into their daily ritual:

Insight Timer — meditation app for your phone, free — daily yoga videos of varying lengths, .99 first month

May you be a supportive friend to yourself  : )

May 2017 be the year in which you shift into the work & life that excites you!

All my warmest wishes and support,
~ Bonnie