Career Transition Wisdom #12

Career Transition Wisdom

Stories and Advice from Successful Career Transitions


If you’re in the midst of a job search during this Holiday time, here are my best recommendations:

1)  While it is true that anything can still happen during these next couple weeks (interview invitations, job offers, networking meetings), it is also true that hiring processes typically slow down and many decision makers have competing activities calling for their attention (professional and personal).

Don’t take it personally and know that this is a distracted time of year.

2) Remember that any interaction can be a “networking interaction” — social or professional. You just never know who may be connected to a person, information or lead that is a next step in following your “trail of breadcrumbs” to your next opportunity.

Show up your best self, have a short and sweet way to describe what you do and what you’re looking for next.

3) This IS a time of year — especially — to enjoy and renew your personal connections (and yourself!). In the broad view of your life, they ARE important.

Give yourself permission to enjoy your Holiday time!

Your next career step will be waiting for you to return at the start of the New Year  ; )

All my warmest wishes and support,
~ Bonnie