Career Transition Wisdom #9

Do you ever find yourself reacting to outside circumstances, like the election results, statistics on the average length of a job search, or opinions about “the marketplace?”

It’s easy to hear these things and have a reaction, thoughts, create beliefs and then have feelings which we can use as our excuse for giving up or behaving differently.

The bigger truth is that we are each a creator of possibilities. What opportunities do you want to create / promote / allow in your career transition?

Do you want to be a person that rises to the occasion or becomes frustrated about things you don’t have control over?

Do you want to be a person who falls into the 6% unemployment rate or the 94% employment rate?

Do you want to be someone who creatively finds a new opportunity sooner — or later — than the average amount of time?

Your greatest power is in deciding who you’re going to be in relation to what is happening externally.

In support,
~ Bonnie