Career Transition Wisdom #7

A career-coaching client shared a video with me that she knew I would like — a recent piece from one of my favorite spoken-word artists, Prince Ea (pronounced E – A). His topic: biggest regrets and sharing our gifts.

It is my pleasure to share it with you. It’s a powerful investment of 5.5 minutes of your time. You’ll likely want to listen to it more than once!

A dream that “has a hold of me” is living in a world where we are sharing — and all benefiting from — our unique natural talents. Where we are contributing those gifts that we are born with; wired to do with ease; feel joy in doing; would even love doing if we didn’t get paid for them; and those things that others deeply appreciate (and sometimes with amazement of our abilities!).

Being a part of empowering people to live the life and do the work they desire is something I love doing!

What dream has a hold of you?
What gift of yours, if you don’t share it, will be selling the world short?
What different ending will you create to your life?